The rise of rehabilitation medical equipment will explode in the next 3 years


Nov 16,2020



Rehabilitation medicine is the fourth category of medicine and has an important clinical status: it is not an auxiliary treatment in the eyes of the public. It not only helps to improve the level of functional recovery and improve the quality of life, but also reduces medical expenses, which fits the general trend of medical insurance control expenses. Drug control fees have become stricter, but the number of rehabilitation items reimbursed by medical insurance has increased from 9 to 29.

The rehabilitation medical market has huge potential: In 2013, my country’s rehabilitation medical market was only 20 billion yuan, and the per capita was only 15 yuan (only 3% of the United States). With the acceleration of aging, the increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases and the release of the rehabilitation needs of the disabled, my country's rehabilitation medical market maintains a rapid growth of more than 30% every year. It is expected that the market space will exceed 100 billion in the next five years, with huge development potential.

The tertiary rehabilitation medical system abroad is sound, and medical insurance payment is the core driving force for market expansion: referring to foreign development trends, medical insurance payment capacity is the core element to promote the rapid expansion of the rehabilitation medical market. For example, the number of rehabilitation beds in the United States doubled during 1985-1995 , The compound growth rate of rehabilitation expenses reached 20%. my country's rehabilitation institutions, beds and professionals are far below market demand.

Policy support + demand release + supply increase promote the development of rehabilitation department/hospital construction: 1) Policies strongly support the development of the rehabilitation medical industry in terms of rehabilitation equipment research and development, rehabilitation service capabilities, and medical insurance reimbursement capabilities; 2) Demand release: people covered by medical insurance , Reimbursement projects have been greatly improved, payment capabilities have been enhanced, and the rapid release of rehabilitation needs; 3) Supply increase: With the decrease of drug revenue, hospitals urgently need new sources of income. The rehabilitation department has small investment, strong profitability, short payback period, The characteristics of strong growth have become the key investment areas of hospitals. The market demand for rehabilitation equipment brought about by the construction of rehabilitation departments in hospitals above the second level in the country alone is as high as 27.1 billion yuan.

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