Company Profile

Company Profile

H&Zedical(China) is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise. H&Zedical integrates the European concept of health care, aims at the digital future, focuses on the digital health care industry, and outputs the overall solutions of full-cycle high-end health care services such as digital rehabilitation hospitals, digital sleep medicine centers and smart hospitals by digital means and humanized design.

H&Zedical is committed to being an advocate of healthy lifestyle in the digital age, bringing far-reaching changes to the development of human health with the digital and green health care solution of "prevention intervention + health management. To this end, the company has established an efficient service team with the strategic deployment of "close to the market and close to talents". At present, it has Belgium New Leuven Operation Center, Beijing Operation Center, Shanghai Operation Center, Shenzhen Operation Center, Xi'an Operation Center, Chengdu Operation Center, Zhengzhou Operation Center, Nanyang Operation Center at home and abroad. At the same time, it has set up R & D centers in China, Belgium, the United States, Israel and other countries, supported by global technical teams, relying on intelligent IOT, big data algorithm and artificial intelligence, we will innovate and build a digital health care ecosystem integrating intelligent health care equipment and supplies, digital information system and operation management services.

Hidike Health Care Industry Development Co., Ltd. owns many enterprises such as Belgium H & Zedical S.A (Belgium Hidike Co., Ltd.), Beijing Hidike Rehabilitation Medicine Research Institute, Hidike (Beijing) Hospital Management Co., Ltd., Hidike (Shenzhen) Rehabilitation Technology Co., Ltd., Hidike (Zhengzhou) Intelligent Rehabilitation Equipment Co., Ltd., etc., forming a strong enterprise matrix in the digital innovation of health care and the manufacture of intelligent products.

Hidik is driven by innovation and empowered by science and technology. Now the company and its affiliated companies have more than 1000 patents and more than 500 software copyrights. With the power of science and technology, we will do our best to build a healthy China and serve the great cause of the health of all mankind, focusing on digital health care and creating a new industrial future.

23 Year

Deep ploughing wisdom health 23 years

100 Name

100 Digital Smart Health Care Centers

5 Big Business

Intelligent rehabilitation equipment, intelligent rehabilitation software, digital sleep medicine, digital rehabilitation hospital, medical community operating suppliers.

10000 One

10000 Smart Health Communities Operated

Innovation Services

Siddique (Beijing) Hospital Management Co., Ltd.

Siddique (Beijing) Hospital Management Co., Ltd. inherits Belgium's advanced hospital management concepts and operational experience, and combines it with Chinese hospital and rehabilitation department operation and management mechanisms to assist hospitals in improving "patient-centered" diagnosis and treatment levels and service levels, and through reliable service operations , reduce the operating costs of medical resources, improve the efficiency of medical resource operations, improve the quality of medical services, improve technical levels, improve the diagnosis and treatment environment, and promote intelligent and efficient decision-making in hospitals and departments, as well as digital transformation and upgrading.

Beijing Siddique Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine

Beijing Hidick Rehabilitation Medical Research Institute is a comprehensive research institute integrating medical and rehabilitation technology innovation research, rehabilitation equipment and equipment research and development, rehabilitation talent training, rehabilitation digital development, big data algorithms, and personalized development of object-end chips and software systems. The institute integrates advantageous resources such as the Université Leuven in Belgium, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Millennium Hospital, and the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University to establish an innovation ecosystem integrating talents, scientific research, and market. Create an influential rehabilitation technology exchange and application platform in the field through openness, cooperation, co-construction and co-creation.


H&Zedical(China) is a Sino-Bien cooperation in the field of digital rehabilitation of scientific and technological innovation enterprises. Build digital rehabilitation operation centers in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Nanyang, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places in China, and build digital rehabilitation intelligent manufacturing centers in Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Nanyang and other places. At the same time, relying on Xidik (Beijing) Hospital Management Co., Ltd. and Beijing Xidik Rehabilitation Medicine Research Institute, build a digital rehabilitation innovation center.

Organizational Structure