Provide users with digital health care system solutions


Nov 02,2020



Xidic Smart Health Care debuts at the CMEF brand exhibition in Shanghai, a world-class medical exhibition

On October 19th, the world-class medical exhibition CMEF brand exhibition opened in Shanghai. Sidic, a leading brand dedicated to building smart health care, made its debut at this exhibition. Its smart health care equipment and innovative health care products have been well received by the industry. Highly praised and recognized by people and many partners.

Sidic Co., Ltd. is located in Brussels, Belgium. It is a research and development company focusing on scientific research, communication, promotion and application of artificial intelligence health care technology. How science and technology can serve human life and health more efficiently? Sidick provides answers with the global view of "global technology sharing, global resource sharing, and the joint construction of the entire chain industry". Sidick takes Belgium as its technology gathering place, and the United States (Silicon Valley), Japan (Kyoto), Israel (Tel Aviv) and China as technological innovation highlands to integrate global advanced technology; believe in the concept of "innovation changes the world, technology continues a better life" and deepens Global exchanges and cooperation, participation in core technology competition, aiming to provide all mankind with digital, visual, and intelligent health care technology solutions, and contribute to the health and well-being of all mankind!

Provide users with digital health care system solutions

In order to integrate into the wave of globalization and better serve the world with advanced concepts and new technologies, Belgian Sidic Co., Ltd. and Huibo Medical, which is rooted in the health care industry, jointly established Sidic (China). Sidick (China) owns Sidick (Zhengzhou) Intelligent Rehabilitation Equipment Co., Ltd., Sidick (Zhengzhou) Hospital Management Co., Ltd. and many other branches. They rely on Belgian advanced concepts, innovative technologies and their own operational management service experience. Supported by data from the Health Cloud and Internet hospitals, a new ecology of smart health and health is built with health equipment, health supplies, and health services.

Sidick’s choice to make its debut at this exhibition is of great strategic significance. As a world-class medical exhibition CMEF series brand exhibition and the 83rd CMEF share tens of thousands of products, services and cutting-edge technology resources from more than 4,200 brand exhibitors and leading companies in 36 countries around the world, Sidic will be very healthy at this exhibition. , Big Rehabilitation, Big Elderly Care Industry Thinking, to provide a variety of cross-border integration and innovative service solutions for industry development.

Provide users with digital health care system solutions

With the advancement and empowerment of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and 5G, the fields of general health, medical and healthcare integration, and healthcare industry are facing intelligent changes. Technological innovation will give the future healthcare industry What kind of new changes will it bring? Siddick (China) brings together global technology, relying on domestic and foreign marketing networks, full-dimensional data support, and humanized, intelligent, and innovative operation services to provide the Asia-Pacific region with smart health care equipment technology Support, sales and promotion; talent training, teaching and operation; humanized services and guarantees for hospitals, communities, and families, realize the layout and depth of the entire industry chain, and truly become the leader of the full-cycle service of digital smart health care!

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